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Washington, D.C. May 8, 2015.  "Many schools that need renovations may not be getting them--including Coolidge and Shepherd Elementary School in Ward 4.  DC Council member Grosso has posted a survey online, asking the public to weigh in on his proposed priorities and also suggest others.   Ward 4 citizens who would like to submit comments regarding schools in Ward 4 must weigh in no later than Friday, May 8, 2015.


Washington, D.C. May 8, 2015. "The DC Streetcar's H Street and Benning Road segment has been its most controversial. Here's a look at how we arrived at today".


"Mayor Muriel Bowser has proposed fully funding DC's share of WMATA's costs. Part of that cost would come from a higher sales tax on parking garages and lots. Will the DC Council go along? If it does, who will pay more"?


Washington, D.C.--May 6, 2015.  Ward 4 citizens may share in  the cost for the demolition of a  brand new multi-unit condo building in the District is being torn down against the developer's will.

The building, located at 1744 D Street NE, is a new building that towers over the surrounding homes. But it's not the size of the building that's the problem. It's what's underneath.

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Woodrow Wilson High School Students  joined ANC Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson, the PTO Parents,  to make their voices heard loud and clear to Mayor Muriel Bowser, Chancellor Kaya Henderson and to the DC Council to restore the cuts.

Students in Ward 4 who attend Wilson, other students and parents reached out to Commissioner Anderson to support their efforts to restore funding for Wilson High School.  "We need elected officials to reinvest in our schools and in the students of Wilson,” Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson said.   The funding of the Streetcar and the D.C. budget shortfall cannot be placed on the backs of our students and we can't take it anymore."   Students not streetcars should be our priority.    "We are demanding that the Mayor, the Chancellor and the DC Council restore the 10% cuts for Wilson in the budget. 

 Click to watch the Wilson HS Budget Rally.

Immediate Press Release

Contact: Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson






Washington, D.C. April 7, 2015—Woodrow Wilson High School Students will join ANC Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson, the PTO Parents, and Councilmember Mary Cheh who has been invited to make their voices heard loud and clear to Mayor Muriel Bowser, Chancellor Kaya Henderson and to the DC Council to restore the cuts.


Students in Ward 4 who attend Wilson, other students and parents reached out to Commissioner Anderson to support their efforts to restore funding for Wilson High School.  "We need elected officials to reinvest in our schools and in the students of Wilson,” Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson said.   The funding of the Streetcar and the D.C. budget shortfall cannot be placed on the backs of our students and we can't take it anymore."   Students not streetcars should be our priority.    "We are demanding that the Mayor, the Chancellor and the DC Council restore the 10% cuts for Wilson in the budget. 

Join in the rally for education, hope and the future of the students of Wilson at 3:45 pm at the Flag Pole today.


DC Tech Jobs and Training Town Hall Meeting

March 25, 2015

Washington Ethical Society

7750 16th Street NW

2:00 PM

Washington, D.C.--March 10, 2015.  Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson, SMD4A01 will host a DC Tech Jobs and Training Town Hall Meeting on March 25th at the Washington Ethical Society, 7750 16th Street, NW at 2:00 pm. 

The purpose of the Town Hall Meeting is to help  more Ward 4 residents train and connect to 500K tech job openings as part of the  President’s middle-class economics agenda.  I am hosting a Ward 4 Tech Jobs and Training Town Hall meeting to bring together government agencies, colleges and universities and companies to discuss how the District  "collaboration with local government leaders - working with each other and with national employers - that are committed to expanding access to tech jobs in  our community. The Obama administration has been promoting its efforts to boost the middle class and increase opportunity as the economy grows and unemployment falls.

We hope to see you or your representative at the Ward 4 Tech Jobs and Training Town Hall meeting.


Several neighbors have contacted Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson in Ward 4 this week expressing their concerns about the trash in the alleys in SMD4A01 and in other areas in Ward 4.  Following several calls and emails to DPW--they responded stating that  there was a safety concern--and that the garbage trucks couldn't drive on icy conditions.

Following the Chanel 7/8 news interview of Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson and other concerned citizens--neighbors are glad to hear that the Mayor has called an all hands garbage collection effort to take place over the next 72 hours to address the problem.

Thanks to all of the neighbors for working together to make our Ward a safer, clean and healthier community to live.  And thanks to the Mayor.  


Washington,DC. February 11, 2015.  ANC Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson writes letter to Mayor Muriel Bowser asking for pop-ups moratorium.  Anderson states that the substantial increase of pop-up developments in the District is extremely troubling to the citizens and to me.  The additional stories and massive additions often result in a loss of privacy, air and natural light to nearby property owners.  The height and rear additions are often out of character with the existing homes on the block and change the historical nature of the neighborhood.  Many of the pop-ups resemble misplaced sticks of butter and designed with little thought for our historical communities.  Click on the pop-ups icon to read the entire letter.



     Washington, D.C., February, 5, 2015---For years, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A (ANC4A) neighbors have not had a local swimming location.  Some neighbors in Colonial Village, North Portal Estates, and Shepherd Park, belonged to the pool at the Blairs Apartments right over the border in Maryland. Two summers ago, it sadly closed. In addition, the residents of 16th Street Heights, Crestwood, and Brightwood had to go to either the Takoma Recreation Center or the Upshur Recreation Center. 

     After the most recent long hot summer, ANC 4A decided to pursue options through the Department of Parks and Recreations (DPR). ANC 4A found out that the DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) had determined that Ward 4, and in particular, ANC 4A is eligible for, and in need of 2 aquatics facilities. DPW had completed an agency master plan study and determined that there was a serious gap of services in Ward 4. They determined that the nearest outdoor pool is unfortunately three miles away. We were thrilled to hear that our goals were clearly aligned!   Commissioners Stephen Whatley and Acqunetta Anderson have been working with neighbors to request and build aquatics and wellness centers in ANC4A.  ANC4A and the Walter Reed Community Advisory Group voted for building an aquatics and wellness center at Walter Reed as part of the Walter Reed redevelopment plan. 

     To promote equitable access and excellent aquatics experiences, as well as, improve general wellness of 4A residents and the surrounding neighborhood, the District must continue to invest in its baseline networks of aquatic, recreation and wellness facilities.  DPR is requesting $2.5 mil in FY16 and FY17 (5 mil total) to construct, at a minimum, a new outdoor aquatic and wellness center in Ward 4. This includes new pool house, pool deck shell facility all the necessary mechanical system required, as well as space for wellness classes and training. The Mayor’s budget is coming up for consideration by the DC City Council.

     Commissioners Whatley and Anderson, as well as 4A resident Sarah Gershman are urging neighbors to contact our Mayor urging the Mayor to include funding of the outdoor aquatic and wellness center in ANC4A as part of the budget. Will you support the call for the Mayor to include funding for an aquatics and wellness center in ANC4A at the former Walter Reed Campus? 

Neighbors may use the attached form letter to write the Mayor and/or visit to vote in support of DPR’s aquatic budget for ANC4A. Please voice your support by 5:00 pm February 18th.

     All letters will be presented to the Mayor as part of the DC budgetary process. To insure that all letters are properly counted, please email your letters to

     After inclusion in the budget, ANC 4A will be in contact with the Council as appropriate.

     Please feel free to contact Commissioner Stephen Whatley at, Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson at or or Sarah Gershman at if you need additional information.

Immediately Release


Invited Guest: 

MPD Police Chief Cathy Lanier will discuss public safety, resources crime concerns in SMD4A01 and Ward 4. 
Other Discussions:
1. D.C. Public Schools:
Discussion: Office of Family and Public Engagement.
Discussion: Pepco Merger and New Billing Format

Washington Gas:
Discussion: Washington Gas Piping Project
3.  SMD4A01 Outdoor and Fitness Committee:
Discussion: Outdoor Swimming Pool in SMD4A01

4.  MPD:
Discussion: Security   Surveillance and Traffic Cameras
We hope to see you at the meeting to discuss these important concerns.
Our meetings are opened to the public.


Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson




Washington, D.C. December 31, 2014----There has been an increase in crime in SMD4A01 over the past 2 weeks of this holiday season. Acqunetta Anderson, SMD4A01 Commissioner discussed the possibility of security cameras at her June 2014 Crime Meeting with the MPD4 and neighbors and we will continue this discussion at our SMD4A01 Crime and Utility Meeting on January 13, 2015 at the Washington Ethical Society at 7:00pm.  

            Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has responded quickly with several arrest in regards to crimes in Shepherd Park, Crestwood and Petworth,   Commissioner Anderson is asking the neighbors to report all suspicious activity to help in resolving crimes in Colonial Village, North Portal Estates and Shepherd to 911.  The recent spike in violent crimes comprises a slim cross section of the crimes that have taken place in the District during 2014.   This recent rash of homicides comes quickly on the heels of a year when the Chief of Police were touting a steep reduction in violent crime, with homicides down, robberies down, and overall violent crime down since the 2006 highs.

            Acqunetta Anderson, SMD4A01 ANC Commissioner supports the efforts of the neighbors and their elected officials in SMD4A01 to take immediate action in addressing safety and crime.  SMD4A01 ANC Commissioner Anderson is also asking the Newly Elected Mayor to release a new anti-crime plan that promises to put more cops on the streets over time, targeting neighborhood hot spots where house and auto break ins, guns and drugs are most concentrated and to maximize resources.   Anderson is also asking the district attorney’s office to seek maximum penalties against defendants accused of carrying illegal guns, and committing crimes in our neighborhoods.

Anderson states that “crimes in our neighborhoods typically clusters tightly in a few small geographical areas, so if increased police resources are allocated and distributed very specifically in those areas there will be an immediate impact.”  There has been an increase in auto break ins and stolen delivered packages in other Ward 4 neighborhoods----Brightwood, Crestwood, 16th Street Heights, and Takoma Park.

Anti-violence outreach are arriving not a moment too soon.  Anderson supports the quick response of the Petworth leaders and elected officials to address the social welfare of neighbors---that assesses their needs and connects them to community resources like substance-abuse treatment and jobs training.  Every day brings more grim news, as we prepare to celebrate the 2015 New Year.

Follow the crime reports at .

Washington, D.C.  August 25, 2014.  SMD4A01 Commissioner will address the Verizon copper to fiber matter at the upcoming SMD4A01 September 8th monthly meeting. Other issues which will be discussed at the September 8th SMD4A01 meeting include a community swimming pool, DC Water and other utility concerns. 
The meeting will be held at the Washington Ethical Society.

DC New Boundary Plan May Be A Nullity


Washington, D.C.—August 26, 2014.  The “massive” DC new School Boundary Plan may become a nullity.  The Mayor announced the plan last week.  According to news report today—two DC Council members and mayor candidates would delay the boundary implementation “indefinitely”.   The new plan would possibly disruptive and setting some school up to fail in some communities across the city if the school is implemented.  The Mayor states that the boundary plan is “to important to delay”.

Press Release

16th Street Circle Plan 

June 11, 2014

SMD4A01 Commissioner Seeks Citizens Input and Comments Regarding SHA's 16th Street Circle

In 2013, the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) completed its evaluations of various options to signalize all five approaches around the 16th Street Circle.  The 2013 study evaluated existing geometric conditions, traffic volumes, signal phasing, peak hour observations, crash history and assessed signal phasing and timing needs, impacts associated with providing signalization for all five approaches, and other potential options to improve intersection operations.  For the purposes of the study, it was assumed that the existing intersection geometry would remain and the intersection footprint would not be modified.  SHA has incorporated these and other recent data into a 16th Circle plan with five alternatives.  Alternate 3 is SHA’s preferred alternative. 

ANC4A01 citizens who wish to submit comments on the SHA 16th Street Circle Project are urged to submit comments to the ANC4A01 Commission Acqunetta Anderson no later than June 15th via email at

The Commissioner will submit all submissions to DDOT and the SHA.    The purpose of  seeking citizens comments is to include the citizens in the decision making process in regards to the Maryland State Highway Administration’s (SHA)position on the need for improvements at the MD 390 (16th Street) at MD 384 (Colesville Road/N./ Portal/Portal Drive/Easter Avenue intersection located at the DC and Maryland lines and in Washington, D.C. 

According to the SHA—described alternatives—numbers I and II are feasible alternatives to the traffic congestion and safety at the DC and Maryland lines.  Alternative III will re-route metro buses from Eastern Avenue to Portal Drive.  Alternate III proposes to   re-route metro buses (more than 100 buses daily) on Portal Drive, and removal of medians south of the 16th Street Circle to allow for metro buses to turn left onto Portal Drive.  The SHA preferred plan also proposes to prohibit left turns onto Eastern---and Eastern as a one-way street traveling east.

Click to here to read the SHA Pros and Cons

Click here to view the 16th Street Circle google pictures

Click to submit your comments here. . .

ANC4A01 The Blair's Press Release

June 11, 2014

Washington, D.C.---SMD4A01, Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson.  
(1)    Traffic – 

The Blair's Response:

As we explained at the ANC meeting, there are currently three curb cuts on Eastern Avenue that service The Blairs development.  The project proposes to close one of them, the one closest to Blair Mill Road.  A second one, closest to Portal, is being slightly reconfigured so that it lines up with North Portal on the DC side of Eastern;  and the third is intended to remain as it is today.  The first attachment is a traffic analysis of Eastern done by Wells and Associates for the DDOT.  It is self-explanatory, but it shows the traffic volume that’s anticipated on Eastern upon completion of the project.

(2)    Stormwater –

The Blair's Response

 A  Stormwater Management System is being put in place (none exists there today) that will capture stormwater from Eastern and handle it in a bio-retention facility as shown on the plans in the second attachment to this email so that the stormwater from Eastern no longer will flow down the street to 16th Street.


The full traffic analysis and stormwater management plans for the project are much to large of a file to send in an email.  However, all of this information is available (as well as much more information) on the Montgomery County Planning website.  The link is -   -The file/application number is 92013005. ANC4A01 and Ward 4  neighbors should be able to find everything related to the project at that link.

ANC4A01 News Update

June 4, 2014

ANC4A01 and Ward 4 Crime Summit

Reducing violent crime in Single Member District 4A01 and Ward 4 has been my primary goal since I was sworn in as ANC Commissioner. We hosted the ANC4A01 and Ward 4 Crime Summit to discuss violence prevention strategies with our cross-city colleagues and some of the most innovative thinkers in the field of law enforcement.

Violent crime continues to plague communities’ areas throughout the SMD4A01 and Ward 4. As a society we must all work together to address crime, in our communities.

The Crime Summit was a great opportunity to engage in conversation centered on new, innovative practices to combat crime, increase the use of real-time surveillance technology, speeding and signage in SMD4A01 and Ward 4. And to discuss ideas about how we can decrease criminal acts in our Ward.  D.C. Council Chair Phil Mendelson, Lt. Allan Griffith, Trena Carrington, Michele discussed these issues with neighbors at the summit.

The Blair’s Project in Silver Spring, Maryland

The Tower Companies (“Tower”) filed an application to construct improvements in the Eastern Avenue right-of-way in conjunction with the redevelopment of The Blair’s property that it owns in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The work contemplated includes among other things the closing of one of the existing curb-cuts on Eastern Avenue, relocation of an existing curb cut, new ADA compliant sidewalk features, new plantings and storm water management facilities, where none currently exist.  The Tower has made presentations at two public meetings sponsored by the Commissioner of Single Member District 4A01 and the ANC4A.  I will introduce The Blair’s Tower Resolution for approval before the ANC4A for the commissioner’s approval at its special July 2014 meeting.

The Tower has agreed to continue to work with, and keep, the ANC 4A01 and ANC4A community informed throughout the construction of the project. ANC4A01 and ANC4A neighbors input is important to me.

Please read the resolution and provide me with your input via my email at or call me at 202-642-6151.

Click to read the Blair's Resolution and submit comments.

Click to read the ANC4A01 Update. . .

ANC4A01 News Release

April 10, 2014

The April 2014 ANC4A01 News has been released.  It has been an amazing year in ANC4A01.  Neighbors have expressed their concerns regarding traffic patterns, congestion and safety.  We have invited guest speakers to address these matters from the D.C. Department of Transportation, Department of Public Works, and other governmental agencies.  Click to read the ANC4A01 News in its entirety.

ANC4A01 Monthly Meeting January 6, 2014

Washington, D.C. January 6, 2014.  ANC4a01 Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson and invited guest  to Address    PEPCO's Pending Electric Rate Increase, Smart Meter Legislation,  Smart  Meters   Opt-Out, Infrastructure, ANC4A01 Street Repairs, Crosswalks,   Jobs and Jobs Training at her ANC4A01 Monthly Meeting on January 6, 2014.  Click to read the Januasry 6, 2014 agenda.

 Smart Meter's Technology Cause for Fiery Concerns

Smart meters allow for two-way communication between you and Pepco.  The meters record your energy use information daily, then that data is sent to our data center for billing and customer service.  Smart meters are the foundation for future smart homes and businesses.  Soon you’ll be able to control “smart appliances” like your thermostat, from the internet or smart phone.  You will also be able to receive alerts when your bill reaches a certain usage or dollar amount.  


Citizens in Washington, D.C. and in other states have expressed  their concerns about the Smart meters.  According to a Fox News report  in May 2013 “Pepco this past summer reported at least 15 smart meters caught fire or got so hot, the meters melted. Similar fires have been reported in other states too”.


The D.C. Office of People’s Council (OPC) has filed a motion before the DC Public Service Commission (PSC) requesting further examination of smart meter opt-out options based on findings of the West Monroe consultants’ report. OPC is also working with the City Council’s Government Operations Committee, chaired by Kenyan McDuffie, to address the smart meter-related concerns described in your correspondence with the Office.  ANC Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson will continue to monitor the Pepco smart meter concerns—with the OPC and Pepco.  Please visit the ANC4A01’s website to read the OPC’s motion in its entirety. Click on the icon on the right to read the motion in its entirety.


ANC4A01 Commission Ask Councilmember McDuffie To Introduce PEPCO Emergency Smart Meter Moratorium Legislation


CM McDuffie please introduce emergency moratorium legislation regarding PEPCO's intent to disconnect service to DC Citizens who have decided to opt out of installation dangerous smart meters in their home---known to have caused fires in homes in Illinois, Canada and other jurisdictions. DC citizens in all Wards of this city need emergency action from your committee now. PEPCO begins disconnection of service within 10 days beginning last Friday, December 6th. Beginning December 16th PEPCO will begin disconnecting services to seniors, children and families---placing them in darkness, cold conditions and a Third World living conditions in our city. Click here to read entire letter.


ANC4A01 Monthly Meeting


January 6, 2014

Washington Ethical Society
7:00 pm



Invited Guest Speakers:


Guest: Lt. Vines, MPD 4, PSA 401

Discussion: Lt. Vines  will  meet face to face with ANC4A01 neighbors to discuss crime in Colonial Village, North Portal Estates, and Shepherd Park (a portion of ANC4A01).  Lt. Vines will also discuss hosting the PSA 401 together with the ANC4A01 Monthly meeting in earlier 2014 (February 2014).  Many citizens from other single member districts attend the ANC4A01monthly meetings---the ANC4A01 monthly  meeting is open to the entire ANC4A—since we share many concerns regarding crime and safety in our neighborhood.  Other invited guest includes Councilmembers Vincent Orange and Tommy Wells to discuss crime and safety and special police funding for Colonial Village, North Portal Estates and Shepherd Park (a portion of ANC4A01) Click here to read entire agenda.


Comments on the Department of State’s Proposed EIS for development of portions of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center


ANC4A01, Washington, D.C. December 6, 2013.  Community involvement  in the U.S. Department of State—Foreign Mission Center’s (FMC) former WRAMC plans has been a vital part of Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson’s plan to keep the citizens full informed about what is happening as we go forward.


The closing of the historical Walter Reed Army Medical Center site in August 2011 signaled new changes not only for the 120 year old medical campus, but also for the city and Ward 4 residents in ANC4A01.   The U.S. Department of State also share these thoughts---they will be seeking citizens feedback regarding the federal former WRAMC Plans in February 2014.  Click to read entire release.





Washington, D.C.—December 5, 2013.  You’ve already talked with some neighbors—at the grocery store, on the sidewalk, over the back fence, at the bus stop, across the kitchen table. You know people are unhappy about the way things are, that they’d like to see something done in Colonial Village, North Portal Estates and Shepherd Park (a portion of ANC4A01). 
The next step—we have made that discussion a bit more purposeful and organized at our October 8, 2013 and December 2, 2013 meetings.  We have invited MPD4 to meet with our neighbors to discuss how we can increase police presence, and patrols in Colonial Village, North Portal Estates and Shepherd Park (a portion of ANC4A01) because of the increase of burglaries, automobile break-ins, loitering, and other indies crimes which creates an unsafe neighborhood.  Regardless if there have been one criminal act or ten acts against our neighbors—our neighbors have expressed to the MPD4 that we must stop the crime in our communities.  We have also welcomed neighbors who attend our ANC4A01 Monthly meetings to discuss crime and safety in their single member districts—because we share the same concerns.  Please click here to read the entire Press Release.

Press Release

Sharing ANC4A Meeting Minutes With Neighbors


Washington, D.C.--November 20, 2013. Transparency in government is a priority of the ANC4A01 Commissioner and the Commission will begin sharing the ANC4A monthly minutes on the ANC4A01 website. The ANC4A executive committee under the chair holds monthly meetings prior to the regular scheduled monthly meetings (closed to the public) to prepare the ANC4A meeting agenda and to discuss community concerns prior to the public ANC4A meetings. Following the executive meeting--ANC4A monthly minutes are circulated to the commissioners for review and corrections prior to the upcoming monthly meeting. The minutes are not official--but must be voted on by the Commission as a Whole at the ANC4A meetings.   The draft minutes are circulated to give the commissioners the opportunity to review the minutes for accuracy. The ANC4A01 commission will post the unofficial ANC4A minutes on the ANC4A01 website to provide an opportunity for neighbors to follow actions taken at ANC4A meetings and the closed executive meetings. And to post the draft unofficial ANC4A minutes on the website to give neighbors the opportunity to read the minutes in advance to determine if they have corrections prior to the meetings (procedure adopted by the Commission at its October 2013 meeting).

Click to read the drafted minutes. . . .

Press Release

Meeting to Discuss Neighbors Concernn
Washington, D.C.-November 19, 2013.  The ANC4A01 host public monthly meetings to listen to neighbors in Colonial Village, North Portal Estates, and Shepherd Park (a portion of ANC4A01) concerns.  The Commissioner also invites special guest speakers from city agencies and the federal government to present governmental programs and to engage in discussions with our neighbors regarding crime, education, economic development, infrastructure, taxes, etc.
The next public ANC4A01 Monthly meeting will be held on December 2, 2013 at 7:00 pm at the Tifereth Israel Congregation, 7701 16th Street, NW.Click to read the agenda in its entirety. . . . 



Washington, D.C.  October 25, 2013 The Kalmia Road Culvert between East Beach Drive NW and West Beach Drive NW in Colonial Village, North Portal and a portion of Shepherd Park in ANC4A01 will be closed on Tuesday, October as part of the DDOT’s efforts to make the long waited repairs on the bridge since 2010.  The closure is expected to last approximately six months.  ANC4A01 has held several meetings to discuss the concerns of the neighbors since January 2013.   DDOT is concerned that “another rain event could cause further deterioration of the structure” and therefore will close the bridge earlier than anticipated. 


DDOT stated in a recent press release that this closure was previously scheduled to be “implemented in late November to replace deteriorated culvert at this location with a new bridge structure.  However a recent inspection of the Kalmia Road Culvert revealed additional deterioration has developed in the form of a scour hole due to rain storms over the past few weeks”.


According to the DDOT, the roadway crossing at this culvert is still safe for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  Neighbors expressed their concerns about “proper detour signage” at the ANC4A01 meetings in September and October 2013.  DDOT recently stated that detour signage will be in place to guide vehicular traffic around the closure.  DDOT encourages motorists to plan for additional travel time because “traffic delays are likely to occur along the detour routes. 


For more information and updates click to read more. . . . .

Upcoming ANC4A01 Monthly Meeting


The regular monthly meeting of ANC4A01 will be held on Tuesday, September 24, 2013, beginning at 7 PM in the main hall room, Washington Ethical Society,   The meeting agenda is embedded below and is posted on our website, .


Click here to read the agenda. . . .

Former WRAMC Master Developer Citizens Electronic Voting Extended


September 7, 2013


Washington, D.C.---September 7, 2013.  Former WRAMC Master Development Citizen electronic  voting has been extended until September 22nd. In person voting will be held on September 21st between 12:00pm until 3:00pm. Details regarding the location will be posted throughout  the community next week once plans are finalized with DMPED.


Citizens  in Ward 4 will be able to meet all three developers team members and to cast their vote to select the master developer. The voting results will be submitted to DMPED.  In our democratic process---citizen’s votes carry great weight.


Please go to ANC4A01's website to vote today!


DDOT Repair Update

 September 6, 2013


The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will commence repair work as part of the Americans with Disability Act Compliance Project at the intersection of Kalmia Rd and Myrtle St NW on or about September 11, 2013. Construction is scheduled to be complete by September 16, 2013, weather and construction permitting. The purpose of the repair work is to ensure members of the disabled community can access and use the sidewalk.


It will include repair to sidewalks and installing wheelchair ramps.

The Contractor is authorized to work during the hours of 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.  There will be no work at night.

If deemed necessary, Parking Restriction signs will be posted at least 72 hours in advance, at locations where parking will not be allowed. These signs will advise the dates and duration of “No Parking” and contact information of the Project Engineer.


Thank you, for your patience and understanding during the repair work. Should you have any concern please feel free to contact me at 202-642-6151or via email  You may also receive updates via the ANC4A01 website at or on twitter @ANC4A01 for daily updates.


Up to the Minute News Updates


May 13, 2013


Ward 4 Citizens Meet Former WRAMC Developer  Finalist


The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED), has selected a short-list of respondents to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Master Development Services for the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) campus in Ward 4.  Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson invited five developer finalist to attend her May 13, 2013 meeting to introduce their corporate team to citizens and to discuss their corporate mission and vision; other development project's and to answer citizens questions to help citizens to get to know the developers.


 Listen to the ANC4A01 May 13, 2013  Monthly Meeting Tapes---Meet the former WRAMC Developer Finalist


  • Forest City Washington
  • Hines Interests LP/Urban Atlantic Joint Venture
  • Roadside Development LLC
  • Walter Reed Associate LLC comprising the Wilkes Co., Captsone Developer LLC, Quadrangle Develoment Corp.  (the developer did not respond to the Commissioner's invitation to meet Ward 4 citizens.)
  • Western Development Corp. (the developer responded, but cancellled due to receiving notification on Friday, May 10, 2013 from the  Office of the Deputy Mayor for  Planning and Economic Development  about their proposed  meeting scheduled for July 2013.)


 Click here to learn more.. . . .



April 18, 2013


WRAMC Proposed Real Property  Taxes

Recently Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner representing Colonial Village, North Portal Estates and a portion of Shepherd Park, informed Ward 4 home owners to be cognizant about a proposed real property tax strategy that was discussed on April 2, 2013 at a Walter Reed Development Authority meeting.  The authority hired the Urban Land Institute to report on the WRAMC Interim use and Small Area Plan.  The Ward 4 councilmember, the D.C. Office of Planning and the Office of the Mayor Economic and Development would like Ward 4 citizens to accept their opinion that the Urban Land Institute's proposed real property tax strategy is an "idea".  Commissioner Anderson's response is "if it’s not on the table--but an idea, the council should pass legislation guaranteeing Ward 4 citizens that the so call idea will not become a reality".


The Urban Land Institute (ULI) purposed a similar tax increment financing (TIF) for the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) on April 2, 2013.  ULI in its report to Ward 4 citizens (WRAMC’s Interim Use and the Small Area Plan recommendations) stated that citizens will invest in the proposed partnership if the proposed real property tax plan is adopted.  ULI’s proposal will cause for the creation of a proposed taxing district in Ward 4 to fund and support the Walter Reed Development.  A range of tax assessment options and financing alternatives are on the table, from taxing Ward 4 properties within a five to ten minute walking distance of the former WRAMC.  Revenue from these levies will generate funding for the WRAMC----capital costs and help offset operating losses. 

Washington’s strong real estate market makes increased property tax assessments more palatable than they might be elsewhere, but Washington is not the only places proposing to use a special assessment real property tax,    Property assessments are helping fund new transportation lines in Rockville, Maryland, Tampa, Seattle, San Francisco, and Kansas City, Missouri, and the success of a push for streetcars in Los Angeles will depend on support from local property owners.


Read the Entire Press Release

Listen to the Proposed Strategy to impose a real property tax on Ward 4 Homeowners

Part 1

Part 2

April 2, 2013
ANC4A Meeting Update
The regular meeting of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A was called to order by the Chair, on April 2 2013 at approximately 7:20  p.m.  at the Grace Lutheran Church.  Motion by ANC4A01 Commissioner Anderson:
Motion to amend the ANC4A Budget to allocate funds for fiscal year 2013 grants:
Several citizens expressed their support of the grant funds.   The motion did not pass.  Commissioners Anderson(SMD4A01) and Black(SMD4A08) supported the Motion to fund the Grants Program.  Commissiners Braxton (SMD4A05), Wilson (SMD4A07), Whatley(SMD4A03), Toliver(SMD4A01), and Benett (SMD4A04).
The D.C. Planning Office of Economic Developent and the Zoning Commission presented a Comprehensive Plan. 

ANC4A01 Calendar

 Traffic Advisories Updates

Walter Reed Medical Center Development

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